The TITANROB is a titanium built hydraulic manipulator designed for heavy duty subsea applications in ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) submarine operations. The original concept was developed in order to fulfil the gap between the big and heavy manipulators for WROV vehicles and the smaller electric light ROV with intervention capabilities underwater, where the weight of the vehicle equipment in the water is a must

The TITANROB is a manipulator with enhanced characteristics of weight/power ratio and capabilities: by using titanium as main material, lower weight and more mechanical characteristics are achieved, allowing improved dimensioning.

On the other hand, by using the same hydraulic power supply, the ROV vehicle has a more powerful and rugged tool, with lower weight and volume, improved capabilities, and thus allowing lower buoyancy needs. The prototype and development of this equipment was carried out by QUATUM ( supported by ACSM ( ) and CIMA ( ), a very experienced local mechanical engineering research group in the University of Vigo (Spain).


The M501 is a five function hydraulic manipulator made of titanium and developed for Observation and Light Work Class ROVs. Resistant, lightweight and reliable, it’s designed for heavy duty ROV works improving performance and operation. It could be rate operated by any low power (1kW) hydraulic power unit and a solenoids (x5) valve pack fitted in the ROV vehicle. The 7 function M700 Manipulator and the 5 function G500 Grabber complete the series

>The TITANROB M501 rated hydraulic manipulator has been fully developed and it’s ready to be supplied by “TITANROB TECHNOLOGIES”. The M501 was extensively tested in different Seaeye and Sub-Atlantic ROV systems. A very good feedback was gathered from the ROV operators reporting a very smooth performance in different works including delicate manipulation of wreckage objects, its robustness, and larger clear space in front of ROV forward cameras. It was tested up to 1300 m WD


At present, TitanRob Technologies has designed 3 different prototypes namely M501 (2nd improved version of the original M500 prototype), the M700, and the G500, which correspond to a 5 function and a 7 function Manips, and a 5 function Grabber, completing a series of manipulators that can be combined by pairs to mount on an ROV depending the customer needs


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